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    UV Glow Neon Highpigment Eyeliner

    UV Glow Neon Highpigment Eyeliner

    Easy to use, bacause the eyeliner is water activated, before using, take a wet makeup brush to mix product and then apply on eyelid or face . Neon colored eyeliner can glow under UV light which will make you outstanding above everyone else.
    Each eyeliner is neon and charming. Also highly pigmented eyeliner will help make a excellent makeup you like.
    Do not worry the waterproof eyeliner will do the harm on your skin. And welcome to private label this neon eyeliner.

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  • Pure Handwork Reusable Eyelashes Extension

    Pure Handwork Reusable Eyelashes Extension

    Most fashionable false eyelash with custom packaging box, professional false eyelashes set full but natural.
    individual false eyelashes won't cause irritation to your eyes or cause damage to your false eyelash extensions.
    you can cut or curl the soft false eyelashes according to your preference, or you can apply some eye shadow, eyeliners to outline your eyes more and you will have naturally longer, fuller eyelashes.

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  • matte colorful water activate eyeliner

    matte colorful water activate eyeliner

    Our long lasting activated eyeliner to a smooth matte finish and do not smudge or transfer. You can mix colors and create your own unique shades.
    12 color matte water activated eyeliner used for makeup around the eyes, with color and shadow to give it a three-dimensional effect.colorful activated eyeliner are various colors, including warm, cool and achromatic tones.
    Generally speaking, high quality water activated eyeliner is to give the eyes a three-dimensional effect.This is a activated water eyeliners formula, just add a small amount of water and create!

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  • Long Lasting Waterproof Eye Primer

    Long Lasting Waterproof Eye Primer

    This eye primer is glossy and non-greasy, suitable for oily skin . Before using eyeshadow or glitter, applying this eye primer can prevent crease and enhance your shadow color for a flawless eye makeup. The vegan eye primer dries super quick, and because the eye primer is waterproof, don't worry the sweat or rain.
    Also,the lightweight eye primer is easy taking-out for a travel, which can wear for a long time.
    The eye primer is 100% cruelty free and made by safe material and healthy formula!

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  • Long Lasting Waterproof Eyeliner Pencil

    Long Lasting Waterproof Eyeliner Pencil

    This eyeliner pencil with an easy-glide, creamy texture that facilitate screating any desire for beauties.Long lasting eyeliner look will not skip, smudge or streak.It makes your eyes more big and bright .
    Waterproof & long lasting liquid eyeliner pencil is suit for all occasions and ueful for carry out.Ultra-rich color and intense payoff.
    Give eyeliner pencil to friends as a gift is a good choice.Gentle enough for the waterline and cruelty-free & Vegan.

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