A simple line can change your eye shape and makeup looks , and even change your original temperament, allowing you to have a pair of pure or charming eyes. Different eyeliner styles make entirely different eye makeup looks . Gently eyeliner help to let your lashes look darker and fuller . And a sharp , precise line is suitable to create cat eyes or a softer winged eyeliner look . If you are a skilled makeup enthusiast who pursues different makeup effects , liquid eyeliner is right for you . And if you are new to makeup , you can start with pencil eyeliner . We also provide colored eyeliner which contains liquid colorful eyeliner and eyeliner cream to help you make unique and creative eye makeup .

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    12 Color Waterproof Colored Gel Eyeliner

    12 Color Waterproof Colored Gel Eyeliner

    The colored gel eyeliner has 10 great colors, it will turn your body into an artful masterpiece and make you stand out above everyone else. The long lasting gel eyeliner delivers 36 hours of waterproof, smudge proof, and fade proof eyeliner color; It's perfect for waterproof all day and night graphic eyeliner looks. And the waterproof gel eyeliner is quick-drying and no fading. It feature waterproof, sweat-resistant and non-staining, can used for a long time and also very durable. The high pigmented gel eyeliner, creamy texture, light and quick-drying, easy to apply, high color development, lightly sliding can easily complete the natural eyeliner. This smudgeproof gel eyeliner can stay on for a whole day and easy to remove with makeup remover.

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    Colorful Long Lasting Metallic Shimmer Liquid Glitter Eyeliner

    Colorful Long Lasting Metallic Shimmer Liquid Glitter Eyeliner

    Minimum order quantity : 100 pcs

    Featuring total 16 available colors, glitter eyeliner waterproof can be used as eyeliner, eye shadow, or even nail polish. With sequins inside, after the glitter liquid eyeliner dries, the sequins will adhere to the skin, showing metallic glitter sparkling effect.

    Equipped with fine brush, glitter eyeliner is friendly to professional artist and makeup beginner. Goes smoothly, highly pigmented, waterproof, strong adhesion, long-wearing sparkle colour glitter eyeliner lavishes eyes with incredible glitter and shimmer.

    Different shades range, brilliantly liquid sparkle eyeliner glitter, can meet your different makeup needs, also small size, glitter eyeliner private label, ideal for carry to all kinds of occasion, such as Halloween, Christmas, cosmetic show, and daily use.

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  • High Quality Matte Pastel Liner Color Water Activated

    High Quality Matte Pastel Liner Color Water Activated

    Our long lasting activated eyeliner to a smooth matte finish and do not smudge or transfer. You can mix colors and create your own unique shades.
    12 color matte water activated eyeliner used for makeup around the eyes, with color and shadow to give it a three-dimensional effect.colorful activated eyeliner are various colors, including warm, cool and achromatic tones.
    Generally speaking, high quality water activated eyeliner is to give the eyes a three-dimensional effect.This is a activated water eyeliners formula, just add a small amount of water and create!

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  • New Arrival Colored Liquid Makeup Glitter Eyeliner Private Label

    New Arrival Colored Liquid Makeup Glitter Eyeliner Private Label

    New arrival glitter liquid eyeliner, comes with total 10 available stuning colors, which can meet your most of makeup needs, glitter liquid eyeliner also suitable for arties, makeup shows, live performances, dance nights, and wedding makeup, etc.

    Waterproof, sweat-resistant and not easy to smudge makeup, makeup liquid eyeliner can give you a nice comfortable using experience. Light in weight, small in size, colorful liquid eyeliner can be easily carry out, perfect for travel or business trip.

    With smooth lines and water-soaked texture, colored liquid eyeliner private label can easily slide, and dry smoothly, making you eye-catching in any occasions. Without labels and animals test, glitter liquid eyeliner also perfect gift to families and friends on most of holidays."

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  • New Arrival Dual Color Water Activated Eyeliner Private Label

    New Arrival Dual Color Water Activated Eyeliner Private Label

    New arrival water activated eyeliner, comes with acrylic exquisite packaging, total 8 kind of multi-color combination options. And this waterproof eyeliner is safe and non-toxic, friendly to not only adults, but also children, giving you a great comfortable using experience.

    And water based eyeliner is highly pigmented, easy to color and apply, which has strong color coverage. Easy to use and dry fast, just simply moisten a brush or sponge, then dip into the color and apply, low moq water activated eyeliner can create versatile amount of looks or body art.

    Small in size, light in weight, water activated eyeliner private label is easy to carry out and be creative everytime and everytime. The new makeup products is not only can be used as an exquisite eyeliner product, but also can create a lot of face and body painted artistic patterns.

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  • Professional High Quality Water Activated Face Body Paint Palette

    Professional High Quality Water Activated Face Body Paint Palette

    Individually packaged, new arrival, made of natural and soft formula, water activated face paint palette is non-toxic and safe to use for all face painting needs. Featuring total 5 available color options, black, white, pink, yellow and green, body paint creates different special art painting.

    Made of high quality formula, face and body paint is soft on the skin and does not crack or peel, keep your painting perfect for a long time. Easy to use and blend, use a little bit of water in the paint to activate it, then you can use your imagination to create.

    Also face paint palette can be used on adults, children. And water activated face paint can be used in different occasions, such as make-up, theater performances, festivals, schools, churches, carnivals, birthday parties, role-playing, and various sports.

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  • New Purple Long Wear Waterproof Liquid Wholesale Eyeliner Pen

    New Purple Long Wear Waterproof Liquid Wholesale Eyeliner Pen

    Purple eyeliner pen with ultra-fine and flexible tip, can give you full control over your shape and flick. Made of high quality and safe ingredients, liquid eyeliner are smudge-proof, flake-proof, and run-proof features for long-lasting effect.

    Also small in size, light in weight, you can easily carry eyeliner wholesale anywhere, and create precise lines and vivid looks with just a smooth touch any time. Using this waterproof eyeliner, it is easy to match the different makeup-style for you.

    100% brand new and cruelty free, without label as well, welcome to custom your own brand. Also packed well individually, private label eyeliner can be perfect gift to lovers, friends, families on most of holidays.

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  • Cheap High Quality Wholesale Bicolored Water Activated Eyeliner

    Cheap High Quality Wholesale Bicolored Water Activated Eyeliner

    New water activated eyeliner, two-color in a jar, total 10 color set options there. It's better to put them in shady place when you do not use. After activating with water, cheap water activated eyeliners are easy to use and apply with fine eyeliner brush.

    You can use each color seperately, or use neon water activated eyeliner together to create gradients, or mix them to get a new shade, widely used not only for eye makeup, but also body or face painting.

    With smooth matte finish but do not smudge or transfer, no crack and won't fade until water activated eyeliner wholesale be removed. Without label and animals test, the water activated eyeliner private label are 100% brand new and cruelty free.

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  • UV Glow Neon Highpigment Eyeliner

    UV Glow Neon Highpigment Eyeliner

    Easy to use, bacause the eyeliner is water activated, before using, take a wet makeup brush to mix product and then apply on eyelid or face . Neon colored eyeliner can glow under UV light which will make you outstanding above everyone else.
    Each eyeliner is neon and charming. Also highly pigmented eyeliner will help make a excellent makeup you like.
    Do not worry the waterproof eyeliner will do the harm on your skin. And welcome to private label this neon eyeliner.

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