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  • High Definition Vegan Liquid Concealer Makeup Private Label

    High Definition Vegan Liquid Concealer Makeup Private Label

    " Minimum order quantity : 100 pcs New full-coverage liquid concealer makeup, comes with 13 shades, from light to dark, suitable for almost of skin tones, while meeting your various makeup styles needs. Weightless and breathable formula of liquid concealer for natural-looking coverage that won't clog pores. High definition concealer also deliver a more even complexion, with a flawless natural finish. Vegan liquid concealer is long-wearing and perfect for hiding those pesky spots and under-eye circles. Light in weight, small in size, liquid concealer private label is also perfect for business trip and travelling.

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  • Lightweight 10 Color Soft Matte Finish Liquid Concealer

    Lightweight 10 Color Soft Matte Finish Liquid Concealer

    "This creamy yet lightweight formula instantly brightens skin and conceals hyperpigmentation without clogging pores. Stay Naked Correcting Full Coverage Concealer is buildable coverage makeup that corrects hyper pigmentation, hides dark circles, and masks blemishes with a real-skin, matte finish for up to 24 hours. Use as a traditional concealer to cover dark spots & blemishes, or go a few shades lighter/deeper to highlight and contour cheekbones & facial features.

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  • Liquid Concealer Private Label

    Liquid Concealer Private Label

    The makeup concealer has been tested and specially formulated with higher quality ingredients. Our liquid concealer ingredients are free of talc or parabens and Liquid Concealer Private Label are suitable for all ages and all skin types, including dry, oily or combination skin. All of our concealer tube products are plant-based, non-injurious, and gluten-free, so you can fix your contours with peace of mind!

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  • 6 Color Pro Concealer Creamy Concealer Makeup

    6 Color Pro Concealer Creamy Concealer Makeup

    concealer pallete create a higher cheekbones, a smaller forehead, a softer jagged or thinner nose, and make up concealer draw light into the area to be highlighted. All 6 concealer and highlights can be mixed and matched. You can create a perfect blend for your complexion, whether it's fair, medium or dark.Smooth cream Concealer formula with natural matte finish. Simply load a brush withwaterproof concealer makeup and tap it lightly against your hand to remove excess product. Then apply it to the highest part of your cheeks.

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